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50hz 60hz 3 фазы Дизельный генератор Deutz 20KVA-2200KVA

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 Deutz Diesel Generator 20KVA-2200KVA Production Description 

Diesel Generator Set which runs on fuel oil is used as an external power source on a large scale purpose. It is a combination of diesel engine with an electric generator, so as to generate electricity as an alternative source. It Mostly, in large residential complexes, business houses, and industrial sectors, this type of generator sets is used for an emergency power supply.



 Deutz Diesel Generator 20KVA-2200KVA Benefits :

  • Fuel Efficiency –With the generator’s fuel efficiency, you can save a lot of money while getting its maximum benefits. It means that you don’t need to spend big cash for more fuels.
  • Low Noise Levels –Users choose soundproofing diesel generator who will find it worthy, especially when it works in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Below 500kva, our soundproof genset noise level is 70dbs@7m.
  • - Long-Life Expectancy – these critical parts such as engine, alternator, and controller are manufactured by leading companies, other part comes from reliable manufacturers, these sets guarantee long functional life, outstanding performance, and high efficiency
  • Various Models to Choose from- Diesel generators come in various options for you to choose from. With their multiple brands and models, you can pick anything you want. Just make sure that you are aware of the overall features of your preferred item to avoid any issue.
  • Easy availability of the spare parts is one of the factors that lead to quick maintenance. It is not difficult to get the diesel engine generator spare parts in the market.
  • Easy maintenance –Diesel Generators sets do not require heavy maintenance. It is very easy, safe, and simple to use. Well-planned and preventive maintenance measures are generally available for these sets which are also low in cost.

   Deutz Diesel Generator 20KVA-2200KVA Production Features 

 Deutz Diesel Generator 20KVA-2200KVA  are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application. Heavy duty engines have proven their performance and reliability in industrial applications.

 Deutz Diesel Generator 20KVA-2200KVA  Major components are designed and manufactured by Hiersun in a vertically integrated environment, ensuring the highest reliability standards


Genset Model Prime power Engine model No.of cyls Dimension Weight(kg)
KVA KW (L*W*H) (mm)
Water-cooled series
HS-15GF 18.75 15 D226B-3D 3L 1620*780*1200 780
HS-20GF 25 20 D226B-3D 3L 1620*780*1200 780
HS-24GF 30 24 D226B-3D 3L 1620*780*1200 780
HS-30GF 37.5 30 D226B-3D 3L 1620*780*1200 780
HS-40GF 60 48 TD226B-3D 3L 1950*750*1650 810
HS-50GF 62.5 50 TD226B-4D 4L 1950*750*1650 950
HS-64GF 80 64 TD226B-6D 6L 2230*840*1700 1210
HS-80GF 100 80 TD226B-6D 6L 2230*840*1700 1210
HS-100GF 125 100 TBD226B-6D 6L 2300*840*1740 1350
HS-120GF 150 120 TBD226B-6D5 6L 2300*840*1740 1450
HS-40GF 50 40 BF4M2012 4L 2000*750*1300 1050
HS-50GF 62.5 50 BF4M2012C 4L 2000*750*1300 1100
HS-80GF 100 80 BF4M1013EC 4L 2150*750*1550 1200
YC-100GF 125 100 BF4M1013FC 4L 2150*750*1550 1380
HS-120GF 150 120 BF6M1013EC 6L 2473*900*1546 1330
HS-150GF 187.5 150 BF6M1013FC G2 6L 2600*1010*1700 1820
HS-160GF 200 160 BF6M1013FC G3 6L 2600*1010*1700 1820
HS-200GF 250 200 BF6M1015-LAGA 6V 2600*1040*1822 1880
HS-200GF 250 200 BF6M1015C-LA G1A 6V 3060*1315*2035 2300
HS-250GF 312.5 250 BF6M1015C-LA G2A 6V 3060*1315*2035 2300
HS-250GF 312.5 250 BF6M1015C-LA G3A 6V 3060*1315*2035 2300
HS-300GF 375 300 BF6M1015C-LA G4 6V 3060*1315*2035 2300
HS-300GF 375 300 BF6M1015C-LA G 6V 3060*1315*2035 2300
HS-360GF 450 360 BF8M1015C-LA G1A 8V 3208*1515*1975 2870
HS-360GF 450 360 BF8M1015C-LA G2 8V 3208*1515*1975 2870
HS-400GF 500 400 BF8M1015CP-LA G1A 8V 3208*1815*1978 3190
HS-400GF 500 400 BF8M1015CP-LA G2 8V 3208*1815*1978 3190
HS-450GF 562.5 450 BF8M1015CP-LA G3 8V 3208*1815*1978 3190
HS-450GF 562.5 450 BF8M1015CP-LA G4 8V 3208*1815*1978 3190
HS-500GF 625 500 BF8M1015CP-LA G5 8V 3208*1815*1978 3190
HS-554GF 693 554 TBD616V12G1 12V 4830*1740*2070 5400
HS-594GF 743 594 TBD616V12G2 12V 4830*1740*2070 5500
HS-660GF 825 660 TBD616V12G3 12V 4830*1740*2070 5500
HS-704GF 880 704 TBD616V12G4 12V 4830*1740*2070 5500
HS-748GF 935 748 TBD616V16G1 12V 5340*2240*2550 6300
HS-880GF 1100 880 TBD616V16G2 12V 5340*2240*2550 6500
HS-1100GF 1375 1100 TBD620V12G1 12V 6040*2530*2650 11000
HS-1232GF 1540 1232 TBD620V12G2 12V 6040*2530*2650 11000
HS-1320GF 1650 1320 TBD620V12G3 12V 6040*2530*2650 11000
HS-1496GF 1870 1496 TBD620V16G1 12V 7650*2960*3060 13500
HS-1584GF 1980 1584 TBD620V16G2 12V 7650*2960*3060 13500
HS-1760GF 2200 1760 TBD620V16G3 12V 7650*2960*3060 14200

Дизельный генератор Deutz 20KVA-2200KVA звукоизоляционный тип как дополнительный

Deutz Diesel Generator 20KVA-2200KVA Warranty Policy

One-year or 1000 hours guarantee, whichever comes firstly. We are in charge of the quality issue. Within the guarantee period, any quality problem about spare parts, please send the original spare parts back to us for getting the fresh ones, except the parts from personal damage as well as the breakables. defective spare parts can be replaced for free charge by post.(not include the wearing & consumable parts)

Shipping & Packing
  1. FCL Shipping: Wrapped packing with plastic film confront to sea shipping condition
  2. LCL Shipping: Ply-wood packing confront to sea shipping condition

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We have more than 18-year experiences on generator set. We are a typical China supplier and have worked for generator set, power solution and have established long term business parnership with Cummins, Perkins, Catepillar, Volve, MTU, and so on well-know brand engine manufacturer.




Our service\Buyer Guidelines
Our strongest point is that we consult. So anything you want to know about diesel generator, please ask us!


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